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2 - Six Reasons To Partner With Ascom

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Quantity 1

Description: 10'x10' fabric pop-up with frame and carry case

Lead Time: 3-5 weeks

Email for assistance.


Process and Procedures for Local Trade Show Booths and Support

Please select the tradeshow assets that best suit your event/ show and complete the order from.  Allow 3-5 weeks lead time.  Shows and events that are not run by Ascom Marketing are the responsibility of Ascom RSD’s/Channel Partners:

  • Pays for trade shows via their budget with approval from Senior Management
  • Signs contract and selects booth
  • Works with their local Partner for assistance working the event hours
  • Secures and pays for badges, hotels and transportation
  • Secures and pays for show services (i.e. power, carpet, furnishings, collateral or thumb drives and lead retrieval)
  • Secures and ships demo kit

Once the show is over, please ship the booth back to the RTP office within 5 business days, attention, Ascom Marketing Team.

Deliver leads within 1-2 days  to or as soon as the show concludes so they can be loaded in the CRM for follow-up.


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